Acupuncture & TCM

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is already over 3000 years old and is still successfully practiced and developed today. Unlike conventional medicine, TCM looks at the whole person: his body, energy, emotions, even his soul and seeks the cause of his illness.

Acupuncture is a very important therapy of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), which is becoming more and more popular in Europe. It is based on the life energy (Qi) of the body, which circulates on energy channels (meridians) and has a controlling influence on all bodily functions. A disturbed energy flow e.g. a weakness, an abundance or a blockage is made responsible for illnesses. By stitches on acupuncture points located in the meridians, the disturbance in the flow of Qi should be corrected in order to restore the harmonious balance of Yin & Yang in the body.

When used professionally and in accordance with the anatomical conditions, acupuncture is practically free of side effects. In only rare cases a temporary vegetative circulatory reaction may occur, which can be remedied by removing the needle.

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You can find more information about acupuncture and TCM in the following explanatory video by Prof. Dr. med. Carl-Hermann Hempen.