Billing according to the fee basis of the Heilpraktiker GebüH.
ServicePrice in €Number
Classical acupuncture26.0021.1
Admission interview25.00-
In-depth examination
Brief information3.153
In-depth consultation20.104
Partial massage4.7220.4
Electrothermal treatment5.0439.11
Stimulation current treatment5.0439.12
Preparation of Chinese medicinal herbs prescription20.00*-
Ear acupuncture6.00*-

* Costs are not covered by the private health insurance

All prices per session

The therapeutic services in our practice are purely private services, which are generally not covered by public health insurance.

Private (supplementary) insurances cover the costs at a certain rate. This also applies to the state aid.

Please check your insurance contract (if necessary, by personally asking the insurance company) whether the intended treatments are recognized by your insurance company and to what extent they are reimbursed. Please check with your insurance company before beginning therapy. 

Invoicing is based on the fee schedule for non-medical practitioners (GebüH) and can be submitted to private health insurance companies.

The costs are – regardless of the level of reimbursement by your private (supplementary) health insurance – always to be paid immediately after the respective treatment in cash or with EC card.